We want to support you and your growing family, and enable you to return to Equifax in a way that works for the whole family. Click the links below to learn more about:

Take Note: You must be connected to the network to access People Link!

While you are on leave, you will not have access. Be sure to email AskHR@equifax.com to request transactions in Workday.

Your Time Away

Paid Parental Leave

6 weeks    Available to new parents

Paid Parental Leave Program Eligibility

You are eligible for paid parental leave if you are:

  • Actively employed as a U.S. employee;
  • Regularly scheduled to work at least 25 hours per week;
  • Have satisfied the waiting period requirements (is the first of the month following date of hire or rehire); and
  • Have incurred a Qualifying Family Event while actively employed by Equifax and after satisfying the waiting period requirement.

Note: You must satisfy the eligibility rules as of the first day that the parental leave begins, or is expected to begin.

Qualifying family events are:

You are eligible for paid parental leave if you are:

  • The birth of a child;
  • The adoption or placement for adoption of a child;
  • Appointment or commencement of a legal guardianship of a child; or
  • Placement of a foster child into the eligible employee’s care.

An adoption (or placement for adoption), foster status or guardianship occurs when an eligible employee receives into his or her physical care the child. A child is a minor under the age of 18.

When Child Arrives

Paid Parental Leave

  • Six weeks of leave taken in a minimum of two-week increments. You must use your leave time within the first 12 months of your child’s birth or adoption.
  • If you have twins or adopt two (or more) children at the same time, you are eligible for a total of nine weeks of paid parental leave under the Policy, during the first 12 months of your children’s birth or adoption, regardless of the number of children.
Both Parents Working at Equifax
  • If you and your spouse or domestic partner want to take paid parental leave, you each have six weeks of paid leave time.
  • If you have twins or adopt two (or more) children at the same time, you each have nine weeks of paid leave time.
Unpaid Family Medical Leave

You may be eligible for up to 12 weeks of concurrent coverage according to the terms of the Equifax Family Medical Leave Policy Terms. See policy for details.

Your Pay

You will receive your pay from Equifax on the normal bi-weekly payroll schedule. If you do not receive your pay, email AskHR@equifax.com.

Paid Parental Leave

You will receive six weeks paid time-off through the Paid Parental Leave Program. You can choose to use this time all at once, or in three, two-week increments, within the first 12 months of welcoming your new arrival. Your paid parental leave will be compensated at 100% of your eligible base pay.

What is eligible base pay? Your eligible base pay is your annualized biweekly base rate of pay in effect immediately prior to the date that your paid parental leave begins or is expected to begin.


For additional paid time-off, you may also elect to use available vacation or PTO time. See policy for details.



Planning and Support Checklist
When You Find Out
Schedule Your Paid Parental Leave with Liberty Mutual
  • Contact Liberty Mutual before going out on leave at 1-888-398-6338. You can also submit your claim online by visiting www.mylibertyconnection.com; create a username and password, for your Company Code use Equifax01.
  • Remain in contact with Liberty Mutual while away from work, and be sure Liberty Mutual is aware of your anticipated return to work date for a smooth transition back. In addition, you need to email AskHR@equifax.com a week before you return to work to let them know of your plans.
  • As part of your leave request, Liberty Mutual will ask you for the dates of the requested leave, your child’s name, your relationship to the child, the date of the child’s birth, date of adoption or placement for adoption, commencement date of foster care status, or commencement date of guardianship.
  • Liberty Mutual will also ask you to provide written documentation to file your leave claim, such as:
    • A copy of a newborn child’s birth certificate or other proof of birth (e.g., hospital birth certificate).
    • Documentation from a state agency or other legal authority that shows the full name of the adoptee, that you are the adopting parent and the date of placement.
    • Documentation from a state agency or other legal authority that shows the full name of the foster child, your authorization by the state to provide foster care services and the date of placement.
    • Documentation from a legal authority that shows the full name of the child, your appointment as the child’s legal guardian and the date of guardianship.
Sharing the News
  • When you are ready, meet with your manager to share the exciting news and discuss your leave plans.
  • Visit People Link to learn more about when and how to request Family Medical Leave. File your leave claim four weeks or more before birth or adoption at www.mylibertyconnection.com.
  • Think about your childcare opportunities – even though it sounds early, many places have long wait lists.
    • Our Employee Assistance Program, administered by LifeWorks, (Username: Equifax; Password: lifeworks) can help you identify options.
The Final Stretch
  • Don’t forget to find a pediatrician! Log on to myCigna.com to find a doctor if you are enrolled in health insurance through Equifax.
  • Take advantage of resources through the Equifax Employee Assistance Program, administered by LifeWorks (Username: Equifax; Password: lifeworks).
  • Order a breast pump, if needed – certain brands are covered under the Equifax Medical Plan. Contact Cigna to learn more.
  • Change your Equifax company benefits coverage to include your new family member(s) within 31 days.
While on Leave
  • When you transition into leave status, your computer access will be turned off until your scheduled return. We want you focus on your family during this time, not work!
  • However, you must still change your Equifax company benefit coverage to include your new family member(s) within 31 days. If you need to make changes to your benefits email AskHR@equifax.com with the details of the changes you want to make.
  • Contact Fidelity to learn about savings options for your new addition. From how to manage daycare expenses, to saving for college, they are there to help along the way.
Preparing to Return to Work
  • Contact your manager to discuss how and when you will return to work. If you foresee issues with your previous work schedule, be sure you make your manager aware.
  • Contact Liberty Mutual and confirm your return to work so that computer access and additional accounts can be reactivated on a timely basis.
Equifax Working Parent Long-Term
  • Find helpful employee discounts through Equifax at Beneplace, including discounts on baby supplies and children’s educational services.
  • Make use of your financial wellness resources to prepare for increased expenses and saving for education.
  • Learn small steps now to help with saving for college with the help of Fidelity.
Adoption Reimbursement Program

Equifax offers up to $5,000 reimbursement to new parents for qualified adoption expenses of an eligible child. To learn more, review the policy and claim form.